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Montessori First Puzzle: The Jungle
Montessori First Puzzle: The Jungle
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Montessori First Puzzle: The Jungle

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Young children can put the thick cardboard jigsaw together, then have fun finding the right homes for the orangutan, elephant, panther, tiger and vulture.  The puzzle is full of beautifully illustrated details, with lots more creatures to spot such as sloths and toucans!  The chunky wooden animals can stand freely and are perfect for pretend play games and stories.  This set makes a wonderful first puzzle for children, inspired by the Montessori methods of providing a multi-sensory approach to learning and cognitive development.


puzzle made up of 6 shaped pieces, 5 wooden animals

AGE:  2 - 4 years

BOX SIZE:  18.6cm x 25.5cm x 6.9cm


1. Puzzle and Wooden Figures

Begin by letting the children assemble the puzzle.  Let them do it themselves, as they will be guided by the self-correcting matches.  For example, have the children lay out all the cut-outs and wooden figures on the playing surface.  Then ask them to compare the drawings on the puzzle pieces with the pictures on the back of the box, drawing their attention to the details.  If you see the children are finding it difficult, show them how to do it, joining two pieces and then asking them to do the same.  While playing the game, don't forget to say the names of each thing out loud, pointing to them and encouraging the children with prompts: "This is a tree trunk, this is a chimpanzee, this is a snake."

When they have assembled the puzzle - or even while they are doing it, draw their attention to the wooden animals, asking them to observe the shapes and then slot them into the matching holes on the puzzle.

2. Wooden Animals

You can continue the game, now, by introducing the names of the five wooden animals, pointing to them:  "Look at the toucan!  That's a panther!  This is an elephant!".  Have the children repeat the names you've just introduced, asking them to say them out loud while pointing to the relative figure.  Follow this by asking the children to recognise the animals:  "Where's the elephant?  Can you give him to me?  Where's the tiger?".  And so on.

Finally, help them to remember the names of the animals with the following questions:  "What is this animal called?  What animal is this?".  If the children were engaged in the previous steps of the game, they'll find it easy to remember the names of the animals and say them out loud. Enrich the experience by adding information about the jungle and other details depicted in the puzzle.                      

3. Jungle Stories

If the children enjoyed the previous steps, you can continue the game by making up stories using the wooden shapes provided.  For example, make up a story together about the elephant, the biggest animal in the jungle, saying it has decided to go and visit its friends (the toucan, the tiger the orangutan and the panther), to organise a big party for all the other animals.