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About Us

BAREFOOT TOYS was founded in Cape Town by myself, Chantal, and launched during Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.
I was born in East London and moved to Cape Town after completing my studies.  It was in Cape Town, in 1995, that I met my husband, Geoff... we married 19 years later!  When our son, Christian, was born, I gave up my professional career to stay at home and look after him.  It was during this time that I realised I still wanted to work, but not back in the corporate world. 
Having always dreamed of having my own toy store, and now being surrounded by toys in my daily life... what better time to start living that dream?  Christian loves to run around barefoot (what child doesn't?), even in the middle of Winter!  We allow it because we believe that children play best when they are barefoot... and no, running around barefoot in the cold doesn't make them sick.  It's only grannies that believe that!
....and so BAREFOOT TOYS was founded.
I am passionate about toys, and being part of an environmentally-conscious family, do my best to source good-quality toys that are constructed out of environmentally-friendly materials and using earth-friendly processes.  We also love to support local!