*** Free delivery within South Africa on all orders over R750. ***

Toy Club

Let us deliver exciting, educational toys right to your doorstep.  Once your family has their fun, we collect the items and deliver a new bag of goodies.
This way you’re able to constantly introduce different toys, without fear of overloading your space or spending a ton.

1 month subscription – R410

3 month subscription – R380 / month

Receive a surprise bag filled with 4 to 5 high quality age-appropriate toys specially selected by us and delivered directly to your door.  Each bag of toys is collectively worth over R1000.

After 4 weeks we'll collect the toys, and if subscribed for 3 months, we'll replace them with a new selection.  Perfect for keeping your little one stimulated and avoiding heaps of expensive unused or outgrown toys.

We have very strict cleaning procedures.  Our toys are cleaned and sanitized twice: when returning from a family and again before going out to a new family.  Toys are individually packaged in environmentally friendly bags to keep them clean during storage and delivery.

Contact us to place your order, or to request more information.

Currently delivering to Northern suburbs of Cape Town only, and catering for ages 12 months to 3 years.