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"Children, today we are going to learn about stones." 👨‍🏫
Looking for something to do with the kids this weekend?
My almost-4-year-old has a thing for stones.  Wherever we go... even walking him from the car to the school entrance.... if he sees a stone, he will pick it up. Then I find the stones in his school box at the end of the day 😂
He also loves to paint stones, throw stones in the dams, build "homes" for the ants in our garden.... It must be a boy thing!
So last weekend we decided to take him to the Scratch Patch for the first time.  As you can imagine.... he was IN.HIS.ELEMENT 😃
I've given him a special bucket with a lid to store them in, and an old cloth on which to play with them.  He very proudly pours the stones onto the cloth... pulls up his little camping chair, sits on the chair and says to us:
"Children, today we are going to learn about stones." ❤️
Ever wondered why toddlers collect stones?
According to Google:
Children collect because collecting gives them something to do with their free time while showing themselves and others what they are capable of accomplishing.  They also seek possessions which interest them and help them grow as a person (e.g. by helping them learn more), thus, enhancing their self-identity.

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