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Rock Painting

Most of you have probably already heard about the latest craze… ROCK PAINTING.

The other evening, my husband and son had gone for their usual evening walk. Upon their return my son very excitedly told me that they had found some painted rocks on their walk. Not having heard about the craze, they obviously left the rocks where they found them. But after I explained what it was all about, my son eagerly requested that we paint and hide some of our own rocks.
So the very next day while he was at school, and after some research about rock painting (thank you Google!), off I went on a mission to get supplies. Luckily we already had various colours of acrylic paint which we use for craft projects, so all we needed were a couple of new brushes, varnish, and of course…. a bag of stones!
We are definitely not artists, but we still had so much fun painting our rocks 😊
After painting, we stuck a label at the bottom, which includes our names, and the name of the rock painting Facebook group Cape Town Rocks. There is a label template on this group which you can download and print.
Once the rocks have been sealed with varnish (to protect them from the elements), they can be hidden in any public space around Cape Town for others to find. If you find a rock, you post a picture on the Facebook page, then you can either keep it or place it in another public location.
The goal is to encourage creativity, outdoorsiness, and community involvement. Perfect activity for all ages!
This is our first batch which are ready to be placed somewhere this weekend 😊

Hope you all have as much fun as we are having….
WARNING: This could be addictive!!

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