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Painting on Foil

Running out of ideas on how to keep your little ones stimulated and entertained during the holidays on these cold, wet Winter days?

I did this activity with my son during lockdown last year, and also posted about it on my Facebook page (read here) at the time.

Well, here we are, almost exactly a year later, and somehow he remembered this painting activity and asked if he could do it again :-)

It's such an easy activity to prepare, so I thought I'd share it on my blog.  All you need is:

- a sturdy piece of cardboard (I cut out a piece from a box)

- foil

- an earbud

- paint (I used acrylic paint in squirty bottles)

- glitter (optional)

- stickers (I used foam stickers)

Cover the piece of cardboard with the foil and secure it at the back with some tape.

Squirt some paint onto the foil (I used blue, yellow and white), then let them swirl it around with the earbud (fingers work just as well and the acrylic paint washes off really easily).
Then sprinkle on some glitter to add a touch of sparkle.
Let the paint dry overnight and then let them add the stickers.  I find that the foam stickers are easier to work with for little fingers.  You can find these at PnA or The Crazy Store for as little as R16 a packet.
Don't forget to frame and hang your little one's masterpiece!

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