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Bubble Snake

During the early Winter months of lockdown 2020, I posted about the bubble snake on our Facebook page (read here).  My son loved this activity so much that we decided to do it again this past weekend.  With such beautiful weather, this time it was a perfect activity to do in the splash pool. 

It's really very easy to prepare...


* an empty water bottle (I used a 330ml bottle)

* a sock (I used one of mine)

* dish washing liquid

Cut off the base of the water bottle and pull the sock over the cut end.  Pull the sock up so that it is tight over the cut end.  If the sock is too long, then just fold it over.

Squirt some dish washing liquid into a bowl (I didn't measure, just used a good squirt) and add about a cup of water.

Then dip the cut end of the bottle into the soap/water solution and gently blow.....

This activity can be enjoyed by preschoolers and older kids, and they will have so much fun trying to make the longest snake!

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